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Welcome to the Grindery, fools!

RPG Inside; Crappy Role-Players Not Welcome!

The Lunar RPG
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Welcome to The Grindery, the mobile fortress comprised of every kitchen appliance or power tool you can think of, plus probably some you can't. The purpose of this community is to start an RPG based entirely on the world of Lunar, one of my favorite series of video games. The point is to create our own Lunar story while having a damn good time, and not necessarily following any of the specific plots within the games already released.

The rules are as follows:

1. Don't be a douchebag to any of the other players. I mean, you can be IC if your character calls for it, but don't start any OOC fights, or I'll kill you. Seriously. I'm friggin' Ghaleon, baby. I can kill you.

2. Post early and often. Nothing drags fun down like a bunch of non-posters. Plus, I know most of you are online a lot anyway, and, truly, this doesn't take a lot of time. So join in the fun!

3. OOC discussions are okay, provided you put OOC somewhere in the subject lines. Otherwise, make sure all posts are IC (in character).

4. Nothing pisses role-players off more than having someone else move their characters. So don't. Even if you have to make a short post and respond, don't move someone else's char. You wouldn't like it if someone made YOUR character eat shit and die, now would you?

5. Reply to other people's posts by commenting on theirs. Don't make a new one for every response.

6. If you want to join (and I don't already know you), send me an paragraph via email telling me who you want to play and a brief scene from your char of choice's point of view. You'll be notified whether you 'pass muster' as Ghaleon would say.

7. For the love of humanity, have fun! Don't take it all to seriously. We're trying to tell a kickass combined story while making it entertaining for everyone at the same time. The possibilities are endless.

So there you have it. Also, don't worry if you don't have too much familiarity with the Lunar world; that's perfectly fine. I'll keep things rolling smoothly concerning people, places and all that good jazz, kinda like a watered-down DM of sorts. You can choose to play any character from Lunar: Silver Star or Eternal Blue. I realize the timeframe between these two stories is 1000 years, but bite me; we're doing it this way, by the goddess.

I look forward to having a grand ol' time! *insert evil Ghaleon laugh here*

Characters and their players
Lunar Silver Star Characters:
Dragonmaster Alex - available
Luna - amurana
Ramus - available
Nash - available
Jessica - kitsunesan
Mia - available
Kyle - jasonfranklin
Tempest - available
Dragonmaster Dyne - available
Goddess Althena - available
Fresca - piratequeenursa
Lemia - available
Master Mel (Hell Mel) - available
Phacia - goddesspsyche
Quark - available
Royce - klahadore
Xenobia - ruuk

For more info about the above characters go here

Lunar Eternal Blue Characters
Hiro - available
Ruby - pinkocracy
Jean - available
Lemina - available
Lucia - available
Ronfar - preston_nelson
White Knight Leo - available
Blue Master Lunn - available
Black Wizard Borgan - available
Red Priest Mauri - available
Ghaleon - pontifax
Zophar - goldgoldgold
Nall - bossgoji
Grandpa Gwyn - available
Fake Althena - available

Go here for more information about these characters.

All character banners are here
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